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Credit Reporting, Credit Cleaning and Advice

Kingsford Lawyers prides itself in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration.

Credit Reporting, Credit Cleaning and Advice

Our team at Kingsford lawyers have an enormous amount of experience with credit reporting and cleaning of your credit report and importantly your credit score.

What is a credit score?

Your credit score is calculated by credit reporting bureaux in Australia. Your credit score is used by lenders to determine whether they will approve you of credit and lend to you, be it for a credit card, home loan or business loan.

The largest credit reporting bureaux are Equifax and Illion. Equifax’s credit score system, for example, is a number system that provides you with a credit score ranging between minus 200 and 1200.

Below is an example of how your credit score appears on an Equifax report.

The higher the number, the higher your chance of obtaining credit is. 

What we will do for you

We will analyse your credit report, provide written advice, outline any adverse listings, and inform you of the action required to clean your report and improve your credit score.

We work towards clearing your defaults (where possible) default judgments, Court actions and work towards providing you with a cleared copy of your credit report and score. The fields we are experts in include:

  • Paid and Unpaid Defaults
  • All Australian Court Judgements and Writs
  • Credit Enquiries
  • Commercial Defaults
  • Debt Negotiations and settlements

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