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Kingsford Lawyers prides itself in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration.


At Kingsford Lawyers we can assist you with all matters, relating to employment law, be it if you are the employer or employee.

For the employer

If you need an employment contract written, advice on an employment contract, require written warnings, dismissal advice or letters, representation with respect to an unfair dismissal or bullying claim, here at Kingsford Lawyers we do it all and can assist you with all your employment law requirements.

For the employee

Have you recently been employed and require your contract to be looked over? Here at Kingsford Lawyers, we can provide assistance and advice with your new employment contract.

Are you having issues at your workplace? Whether you have experienced discrimination in the workforce, or unfair termination, we can handle your claim with professionalism, care and compliance. 

Here at Kingsford Lawyers, we will work upon ensuring that your individual rights and desires are protected and respected during the process. 

Areas of employment law:

  • Unfair dismissal and wrongful termination
  • Adverse actions and unpaid wage claims
  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • General employment advice
  • Redundancy entitlements
  • Contract disputes
  • Accidents that occur in the workplace

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