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Jayde Villani

Client Relation Services / Law Student

Queensland Office

Jayde is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Law and has been with Kingsford Lawyers for 5 years, when she first started at Kingsford Lawyers, she was a business consultant who would assist businesses with initial stages of representing clients who had a default judgment placed against them. During this time Jayde was completing her bachelor’s degree in Nursing but soon fell in love with the commercial side of law and started studying to become a Lawyer.

Jayde is now the Client Relations Services member of our team and works hard to collaborate with clients to identify and implement value added services, monitors client satisfaction through follow up on solving client issues and problems and provides complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.

Jayde has the ability to establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships, develops liaison with client service and administration department to provide required information and acquire necessary documents and provide required information and documents to clients.

As Jayde completes her studies, she often provides support and assistance to other team members where required, such as administrative support and assistance to partners and lawyers of the firm where required and can research regulations, laws, and legal articles to assist with the preparation of reports, case files, and legal advice.

Jayde has vast experience and skills in selling, negotiation, and communication skills, she has small business operation management knowledge and firsthand experience and has knowledge in accounts and bookkeeping

Personal Background – Interests, Hobbies, Fun Facts

Jayde is a busy working mum of two and loves spending time with her kids, family and friends, she has plans to travel the world and enjoys summer days spent by the water with good company.


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