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Personal Disputes

Kingsford Lawyers assists and advises in an array of commercial and corporate matters.

What Personal Disputes Entail

Kingsford Lawyers understands the many arears of personal disputes and that these are often complicated and include:

Kingsford Lawyers believe that in most cases a solution exists to resolve most issues without the need for costly court action. With proper legal advice and seeking advice early in the dispute, it is often possible to reach an agreement and avoid the need to go to court.

Has your insurance claim recently been rejected due to:

We work hard to ensure your claim has been appropriately assessed. We help individuals and businesses with their insurance claims disputes, and we understand it can be confusing and unclear why your claim may have been rejected and that the process to appeal is daunting.

Options available to remedy include an internal review process, making a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and Court Proceedings. Reach out to Kingsford Lawyers today and let us help assess your options moving forward.

Where a duty of care is owed to you and you have suffered substantially as a result of a breach of duty of care by a professional, Kingsford Lawyers can help.

Claims can be made against:

You must have suffered loss, damage or other injuries as a direct result of the breach of duty of care, and we can help assess your matter and provide options moving forward and the process to make a claim

Trust disputes are complex as often a trust can relate to a range of purposes in Australia, a trust is a way of protecting and distributing property, assets and money to beneficiaries. There are generally three relationships to a trust:

Types of Trusts include:

It is important you have an experienced lawyer prepare a Trust Deed that is executed properly by all parties in the trust, as this will help minimise litigation time and costs.

Reach out to Kingsford Lawyers today for more information.

A contract, much to popular belief, can be in the form of not only verbal but also oral, part oral and part written, and even an implied contract.

A contract dispute can arise when there is a breach of a term or clause in the contract, and a breach can often relate to performance – time, standard, or non-performance. The types of contract disputes Kingsford Lawyers can assist with include:

We help our clients explore the dispute resolution process which includes:

If you believe you have been defamed or you have been accused of defamation, contact us today to find out the process for resolving defamation disputes and claims, and what your rights and remedies are. Defamation can occur in a business, personal, employment or consumer setting and, Kingsford Lawyers can assist you in these circumstances.

We find that when most clients come to us, it is a result of a statement made on the internet including on social media platforms and reviews, although other ways someone can be defamed is through emails, text messages, and speech.

We firstly work with our clients to assess and determine whether there is a basis for a defamation claim. The steps we look at are:

We also act for clients in defending a defamation claim that has been filed against them and ensure the claim has been adhered to as per the Act.

For more information reach out to Kingsford Lawyers today.

Having in house Counsel available with over 40 years experience in litigation, Kingsford Lawyers is very well equipped to assist you in your litigation matters however small or large the matter may be

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