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Taking the First Step: The Litigation Process

Litigation can be time-consuming and expensive and is often the result of parties not fully understanding the complex process, their rights and the risks involved and therefore, not in a position to make the most informed decision. Litigation can either come to a swift end through alternative dispute resolution or can be lengthy to resolve in court, with an average of a minimum of 12 months or even longer in more complex matters.

In some cases, the pathway chosen may not be the most desired but may be one that is most commercially wise for you. Here at Kingsford Lawyers, we provide comprehensive and honest advice regarding your options and pathways so that you are well informed and equipped to decide which achieves the best overall outcome.

Highly Experienced
Litigation Lawyers

Kingsford Lawyers are highly skilled in many areas of litigation which include:

Saving You the Trouble Before the Matter Escalates

Often before litigation proceedings, there are alternative dispute resolution processes available to the parties involved, such as contracts that mandate the parties to take part in such alternatives before commencing court action, or if no contract outlines a compulsory dispute resolution process the parties may consider taking part in private negotiations or private mediations and include the services of an arbitrator or litigation lawyer.

Our Kingsford Litigation Lawyers Have Your Back

Once litigation is commenced the court will on most occasions, order that the involved parties take part in a court-based mediation, this will generally occur after discovery and will take place before a Registrar or a Judge.

We are able to advise on the relevant legislation requirements related to your dispute and the dispute resolution process options that are available to you. If the dispute proceeds to court litigation, we are experienced and skilled in representing our clients in court in all jurisdictions across Australia.

It is wise to engage a lawyer to assist you and provide your options at an early stage, as soon as a dispute arises as this will most likely assist in resolving your dispute without the need for litigation or in the alternative, should the dispute proceed to court litigation, your matter is well prepared for court.

Having in house Counsel available with over 40 years experience in litigation, Kingsford Lawyers is very well equipped to assist you in your litigation matters however small or large the matter may be


Kingsford Lawyers are highly skilled in many areas of litigation which include:
Property disputes
Kingsford Lawyers understands property disputes are often complicated and we have extensive experience to be able to work closely with our clients and provide clear and practical advice to your property dispute as quickly as possible.
Consumer disputes
Strict rules exist in Australia that businesses must comply with when selling goods and services, and if these are not adhered to then you face severe penalties and potential court action if you do not comply.
Business disputes
Business disputes can arise over the course of the business between directors, shareholders, and business partners and often relate to disputes over contributions/efforts, diverse opinions regarding the business operation, management, or regarding lack of clarification on what each person is responsible for in the business.
Personal disputes
We work hard to ensure your claim has been appropriately assessed. We help individuals and businesses with their insurance claims disputes, and we understand it can be confusing and unclear why your claim may have been rejected and that the process to appeal is daunting.
Construction disputes
Kingsford lawyers have many years of experience in successfully resolving building and construction disputes in all jurisdictions of Australia. It is important that if you believe a dispute exists or arises from a building and construction matter, that you seek urgent legal advice from a litigation lawyer who understands the building and construction industry.
Partnership disputes
A partnership agreement is between two or more people that form a contractual business relationship and agree to operate as co-owners where profits and liabilities that are generated by the business are shared equally between the partners as well as the responsibility of each partner, each state is covered by a separate state Act known as the Partnership Act.

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