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After a particularly distressing time buying what we thought was a viable business turning into a complete nightmare and contacting many Solicitors for help, I came across Kingsford Lawyers.

Can I just honestly say the process was so comforting, I knew that if Jasmina said she would do something for me she did, she kept constant contact with me and did not stop with what was a difficult situation until she got her desired result.

Thank you Jasmina and Kingsford Lawyers team, for everything I have no hesitation in recommending this company they completely changed our lives.

If I could give more than five stars, I would.

Nicole Shine
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Madeleine and the team at Kingsford Lawyers have really impressed with my litigation case. Extremely generous and professional with advice and has communicated with me well through every step of the way. Highly recommended.
Minh N
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Thanks Victor and Madeleine for your recent awesome professional services. We highly recommend Kingsford Lawyers and appreciate the result that was handed down by the courts in our case. You both gave excellent advice, great rates, much less than I had imagined. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the great work.
Driftwind Electrical
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Kingsford Lawyers helped me resolve an issue with my local council, service was prompt and compassionate and they completed what they promised to do” Greatly appreciate your help. Many Thanks
M Monsal
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There’s not enough space on this page to list the amazing qualities of this law firm. Vic and Stefanie are not only completely professional, they are compassionate and caring. This team went above and beyond for my family and we are truely grateful for all their help.
Shane Thomas
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Kingsford lawyers have been a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible” Victor, Krissy, Jayde, the “family” of Kingsford lawyers were not only able to successfully defend me out of bankruptcy, their calm empathetic demeanour, offered me emotional support when I needed it at the most. They went back to basics and asked me questions I’d never been asked before, they drew out the facts with the upmost of intellect and precision - they pulled it apart like an absolute symphony. My only regret is not appointing them sooner. Thank you for helping me rebuild my life - you’re in a league of your own Kingston Lawyers.
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Really good and supportive and know there stuff
AcE-UP Sultan
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Kingsford Lawyers are a diligent and highly professional team who are quick to navigate and decipher the key issues at hand, from the most complex of matters. After my initial meeting with the team, I knew that I was in safe hands. I had absolute confidence in their ability to represent me and negotiate a successful outcome. Kingsford Lawyers demonstrated expertise and through a carefully crafted strategic plan of action, were able to bring my entire litigation matter to a favourable resolution. Their superior level of legal advice and meticulous focus is unwavering.
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Very friendly, stepped me through the relevant information and explained the wording to me. Highly recommend.
Stuart Campbell
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Kingsford lawyers were very professional very helpful and gave me advice to achieve success for which they advised me.
Daniel Horsburgh
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I was considering the purchase of a property that falls outside normal conveyancing procedures.

Jasmina provided excellent, clear and lucid advice about the sales contract and the potential pitfalls, both now and into the future. I was most impressed with her professionalism and the time that she was prepared to explain the issues drawing on her previous experiences with similar contracts.

I would highly recommend Kingsford Lawyers to anyone who might be considering moving into a "Lifestyle" community

Bob Eden
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A big Shout out for Krissy and Victor, thank you for handling our case in such a professional manner and getting us the fabulous results we got. Finally we have our life back thanks to your expertise and efforts. A special thank you to Krissy for having such a big heart and caring about us in our darkest hours. Finding a solicitor with compassion and kindness is pretty rare. I would have no hesitation in recommending both of you to others.
Karen A
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The best immigration agent & Lawyer (Madeleine) in my whole immigration process experience.

They did not just sort my case and finalise it, but also have always been supportive and polite. They were very responsive and were ready to clarify any confusion I had.

Strongly recommend 100%, you can hand them your case and trust them blindly for the best and quick solution.

Rana Yaqub
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I had an insurance claim with an insurer who was refusing to pay. I myself not know the process thought I need help. After consulting with Victor from Kingsford lawyers, the matter was resolved with myself being in the information loop every step of the way. The insurance company immediately folded once I followed the advice of Victor. The paid in full in 3days.
Whetu Taramoeroa
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Really appreciated the helping from Madeleine and her colleague. She is real professional and patient. Also they charge competitive rate, which is cost effective for small business. Highly recommended.
Leo Liu
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I strongly agree with my brother that Kingsford Lawyers are the best, and well experienced in their field.

My brother recommended consulting with Madeleine; she presented my documents so well that I was granted my visa within 3 weeks. She has always been supportive and friendly.

You can give her your case and can trust her indiscriminately.

Rana Tariq
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Victor and Stefanie and their teams were extremely helpful solving my cases. I would highly recommend.
Patrick Kim
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First time there. Very happy.
Murray Jamieson
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Jade was amazing explained everything clearly and was a pleasure to deal with
Lisa Piccoli
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Jayde was extremely helpful and I will absolutely be in contact again with anything I may need in the future
Shenae Reynolds
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They are polite, empathetic and were more than helpful to answer any questions I had.
Meena K Lal


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