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Workplace Injuries and Compensation Claims

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Workers Compensation Lawyers to Help Claim Your Entitlements

Have you been injured at work, either in the workplace or while carrying out your work, well you could be eligible for a workplace injury claim, an injury can be a physical injury or even a psychological injury where there are a few different types of claims options, and we can help determine if you are eligible.

Where a physical or psychological injury has occurred and left you unable to complete your job partially or completely, you may be eligible for a worker’s compensation claim, these can even include in some cases a pre-existing injury that your work duties have worsened your condition.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Full Time, Part Time, Casual employee, or a Sub-contractor you may be eligible to apply if you have experienced a workplace injury of any of the below natures:

Some examples of eligible work-related physical injuries are:

Not all injuries are physical and psychological injuries have the same considerations as physical injuries when a claim is being assessed. If you have experienced symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, nightmares, and loss of sleep, or have feelings of guilt, anger, fatigue, poor concentration, and social withdrawal as a direct result of your workplace, workplace injury, or even a pre-existing condition that has worsened as a direct result of the workplace/workplace injury then you may be entitled to compensation.

Injury can be a physical injury or even a psychological injury where there are a few different types of claims options

How Do I Make a Claim for Compensation Following a Workplace Injury?

Strict time limits apply for workers’ compensation claims and vary depending on what state you work/live in. The initial injury report needs to take place immediately after the injury occurs to ensure adequate record keeping, the sooner the report has been recorded the better.

Our client’s first question to us often is “how much I will be entitled to claim”, and this is dependent on the severity of the injury, how it happened and the state law you are covered. How much you could be entitled to will also depend on how much of a percentage you are entitled to claim, you may be entitled to equal or a percentage of your earnings as well as all reasonable medical expenses, or you have an option for a lump sum payment if the incident caused permanent impairment.

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