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Intellectual Property

Kingsford Lawyers assists and advises in an array of commercial and corporate matters.

Our Intellectual Property Lawyers Can Assist You

Do you have intellectual property to protect? Kingsford Lawyers has the experience and can assist with your intellectual property needs including:

We assist in Copyright Law and related disputes including obtaining Copyright permissions, advising on whether an infringement of copyright has occurred, sending or responding to a cease-and-desist letter, submitting copyright infringement, or commencing legal action in court relating to a copyright infringement and assessing the claim for appropriate damages and costs.

Trademark and brand protections include the registrations, enforcement, and commercialisation of the trademark/brand, due diligence, and the process required which includes comprehensive searches, applications to IP Australia, management, and support.

Beyond the initial registration and applications of the trademark or brand, Kingsford Lawyers can provide ongoing services if you need to commence or defend trademark infringement proceedings and court litigations for misleading or deceptive conduct claims. It is important to understand your rights and obligation so reach out to us to discuss.

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We help our clients in the initial stages of their professional relations and can assist in drafting commercial agreements for the terms of use regarding website and or license agreements and outline the terms available for permissions to minimise litigation for copyright-related disputes.

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