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Property and Conveyancing

Kingsford Lawyers prides itself in maintaining a medium firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration.

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At Kingsford Lawyers, our conveyancing and property law team are well experienced and can provide legal advice in a range of property and conveyancing matters. We can assist with the sale and purchase of commercial and residential land, property development projects, leases, subdivisions, and other legal matters.

Our conveyancing lawyers are knowledgeable in a vast area of property law and we can assist with contract reviews, due diligence inquiries, commercial and residential property transactions and liaising with third parties such as property developers, financiers, and government agencies on your behalf.

The property industry is a frequently changing market, and we can assist you in your endeavours. It is well understood that there is a level of complexity with transactions in property, which can be underestimated at times.

Simple conveyancing transactions regularly proceed without complications; however, there are instances where disputes or unexpected complexities arise. In these situations, it is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible to minimise risks and avoid some of the pitfalls that commonly occur with property transactions.

Kingsford Lawyers offers the following services:

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Kingsford Lawyers provides professional conveyancing services to Victorian and Queensland buyers and sellers at a competitive price. While utilising our services, you can be confident in the knowledge that your documents are being looked after by an experienced conveyancing lawyer with experience in property conveyancing. Our lawyers pride themselves on their conveyancing work and strive to provide the right advice promptly.

Conveyancing is the law involved in the transfer of ownership of property and conveyancing lawyers will work under the law of selling and buying real estate.

Kingsford Lawyers provides services regarding selling or purchasing a property including:

At Kingsford Lawyers, we understand that the purchase or sale of a property or business is an important event and aim to make the experience as streamlined and stress-free for you as possible.

Due diligence we take when assisting our clients in selling or purchasing property:

Kingsford Lawyers ensures that you know what the cost will be from the start, with no hidden fees, to allow you to calculate your buying or selling costs with security. Thereby enabling us to provide you with quality and streamlined services at an affordable price.

No matter the situation, sale and purchase transaction, whether it is business or property the process can be complicated and is a major commitment; it is therefore important you seek reliable advice and support in the process. Failure to properly take care of the details will result in a delayed settlement or potential penalties as a result of a breach, which is why having a team you can trust to perform the job properly and to protect your interests are important. Our conveyancers are qualified, experienced, and professional.

Having a team you can trust to perform the job properly and protect your interests are important

Once you have expressed interest in purchasing a property, the real estate agent will prepare a standard contract of sale for you to sign. It is highly recommended that you seek legal advice before you sign the contract. By sending a draft contract and the disclosure material to your lawyer, your lawyer can review the contract to make sure that it is correct and that the terms of the contract meet your needs, and ensure you understand your rights and obligations before signing the contract.

Please note that a standard contract cannot deal with the individual circumstances of every transaction. If necessary, your lawyer can add special clauses to the contract, for example:

Before you sign the contract, it is recommended that you obtain an independent valuation of the property.

Commercial and retail leases set out the legal terms and conditions for which a business may occupy a premise/s. Before entering into a lease agreement, no matter if you are the lessor or lessee, it is highly recommended to have an experienced property lawyer formally prepare and review the agreement. This will ensure that you are protecting your interests and help protect the balance of rights between the parties. Having a lease agreement that is clear with expertly drafted terms in place can minimise lease disputes and save both parties on time and costs.

Should both parties have obtained independent legal advice regarding their rights and obligations, this can also minimise lease disputes, for both parties would have a proper understanding of the agreement and their rights and obligations.

At Kingsford Lawyers, we provide the following services for individuals, property developers, commercial clients, and financial institutions and frequently provide agency services for interstate clients, including the following services:

Legislation, regulations, planning schemes, and policies govern the subdivision and development of land, which are administered by local councils and other government entities. Property development can be profitable but obtaining the necessary approvals is complicated and requires knowledge about a series of laws, regulations, and processes to be complied with to minimise potential risks and unnecessary costly mistakes.

The local councils have their property and planning laws that they use to oversee and facilitate the growth of their communities so that their communities reflect the vision for the area. Planning laws are usually used to guide and control the use and development of land. Multiple legislative materials and planning tools are utilised by the Council, including the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (“EPA Act”) and Local Environmental Plans (“LEP”), as part of the Council’s efforts to achieve the visions and goals set out for the development of their respective communities.

Having an experienced property lawyer and building professionals to satisfy due diligence inquiries, liaise with relevant authorities, and prepare and explain titling and legal concepts is invaluable throughout any residential or commercial property development.

Our conveyancing and property law team provides practical services for a variety of matters, from conveyancing for residential property to more complex commercial transactions, commercial leasing, strategic advice to property developers, advice regarding property interests, and the lodgement of caveats.

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