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Stefanie Fontana

Partner / Lawyer

Melbourne and Queensland Office

Languages: English and Italian and particularly the dialect of Calabrian

Stefanie has grown up around business since she was born, her family owned and operated a very large and successful building company. This helped teach Stefanie the fundamentals of business and following suit, Stefanie owned and operated her own businesses in the fashion and beauty industries (including medical treatments) since she was 21. Due to Stefanie’s exposure to business she brings a diverse understanding around the operation of and what it takes to run a successful business.

Stefanie has had many professional milestones, although a highlight of her career was having the pleasure of working under a well-known QC in the areas of contract disputes and wills. Stefanie was exposed to in-depth industry knowledge and training during this time that she will continue to include and expand on in her practices.

Stefanie enjoys working across an array of areas of law and has extensive experience in Family Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury Matters and Credit Reporting.

Stefanie focuses her main area of practice on Family Law and is currently completing her master’s degree in Family Law at the College of Law which will be completed in 2023. Stefanie has extensive practice experience in assisting clients through divorces including defacto relationship separation, children matters including parenting orders and child support disputes and agreements, property settlements, post-separation parenting arrangements, financial agreements, spousal maintenance and many more matters. Stefanie practises Family Law in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales and is across the main piece of legislation covering family law in Australia, which is the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

Stefanie understands being a family lawyer, you’ll frequently meet with clients who are emotionally distressed or dealing with very challenging circumstances such as the breakdown of a relationship and family situations involving family violence and abuse, and she holds very strong empathy skills to ensure her clients feel safe and further understands that these matters require support and assistance outside usual business hours, which is why Stefanie ensures she is available at all times for her clients.

Stefanie also has fire in her belly and ensures the utmost professional detail and strength is used when representing her clients.

Not only is Stefanie a Lawyer, but she also holds qualifications in bookkeeping and accounts.

Areas of Practice

Civil Claims

Privacy Act Breaches

Employment Law

Personal Injury

Family Law

Personal Background – Interests, Hobbies, Fun Facts

Stefanie has a big and bubbly personality and who holds immense love for her friends, family and everyone around her, she is a Mum to a beautiful little girl and is a powerful woman in her profession. Stefanie loves to travel and experience culture from all over the world while enjoying good company with food that is perfectly paired with wine.


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